Raw Pop Up – A Multi-Sensory Pop Up Experience

I know I’m a little late with this, but recently we went with my sister to an amazing event located in the heart of the Design District in Miami called RAW.

RAW is a multi-sensory pop up, redefining how art is experienced. (there is no better explanation so I stole it from the frequently asked questions in their website, haha). So basically a group of architects, art directors and curators created this to show everyone how art is always changing and moving. The building has 5 levels, and each floor is a different stage in life. There are 50+ artist involved in this. Can’t spoil a lot..:) The art pieces can be touched, smelled and felt. How cool is that? Basically you can do whatever you want inside and express yourself through RAW and be weird. I mean.. How cool is that?!

Okay, let’s talk about the amazing building that they “popped” in for a moment. The Moore Building, built in 1921 by Zaha Hadid. The design is just mesmerizing. All white, sculpture and proportion on point, futuristic and simple. Love, love, love! And Zaha is a true inspiration to me! You can read more about her and her amazing work in the link I provided on her name.








We had a really good time. We walked up and down the place and just enjoyed the whole atmosphere. The one thing I personally missed was flowers. For me flowers are always artistic, modern and a good addition for any event. You can’t go wrong with flowers, ever.:)

But luckily I found two red roses on the sidewalk on the way back to the car. Somebody left them on the letter “A” of the Institute of Contemporary Art  a.k.a. ICA MIAMI. Don’t know who was it, but thank you, haha. That made my night complete. 



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