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Okay, so this is the cutest thing that I’ve ever done. I interviewed my sister for her brand Cassiopeia Jewelry.Β  I’m so proud of her, of what she does and she always inspires me not only as a jewelry designer, but as a sister too! So I asked her one day if she wants to make an interview about her journey and bringing Cassiopeia to live. I hope you enjoy her honest answers:

𝓑: What inspired you to launch Cassiopeia Jewelry?

𝓒: When I was pregnant, I was thinking like what I want to do with my life and what I want to do in order when I have a child.. I didn’t want my child to be ashamed of what I do you know.. because I used to work in a restaurant like basically a bus girl or whatever. I am not saying that is a shameful job, you do what you got to do, but when you’re a parent you want to look like a role model in your children’s eyes. So I was thinking.. “Okay, what should I do for my son not to be ashamed?” And I remember when I was little, my grandma used to have this super cute jewelries, and I was putting them on all the time, I was really inspired, and loved them so much so.. When you’re pregnant and you are so emotional, hormonal and all that stuff you go back to this emotions so much.. and so this is how Cassiopeia was born.. in all these emotions (laughing).

𝓑: Everybody has their ups and downs. Did you had any when you first started?

𝓒: Of course, oh my god.. You can ask every single person, like friends, how many times did I call them and I’m like ” Oh my god I suck at this so muuch, this is such a waste of time, that’s such bulls**t..” so yea.. I believe every single person has this ups and downs. There’s no way. If you don’t have downs, It means that you don’t have ups. And my downs are deep so.. (laughing).

𝓑: Can you describe your style?

𝓒: Huh.. my style.. I think my style is evolving with every single piece I make and is changing, because I change to. Three years ago when I started Cassiopeia (two and a half) I was one person now I’m totally different one. And I’m sorry that I’m bringing the motherhood again, but motherhood changes you so much, so fast that in few months I’m a different person, so I believe my style evolves with me every month, and grows. I hope (laughing)

𝓑: What unlocks your creativity when making a new piece of jewelry?

𝓒: I think one of the ways I kind of inspire myself is by watching jewelries. I go online and watch, and watch, and watch, and I WATCH until I’m so dead of watching (laughing), andΒ  you know I guess my brain combines different variations, and then I combine in my head my own piece.

𝓑: What keeps you motivated to work, to do, to create?

𝓒: I think I’m super “blessed”. I hate these words, but I’m super blessed that I work what I love. So that keeps me motivated, because I work and I know that what I do I love it, and that’s the most important thing.Β Β For you, for yourself, for your.. not ego, but self confidence. It’s very important to do what you like.

𝓑: What are your favorite materials to use?

𝓒: Gemstones. (laughs) And gold. I have to start making more silver, because people like silver (laughs).

𝓑: What challenges do you face in your work?

𝓒: Oh.. A lot of challenges. Today’s world is like changing so much, especially the social media part and you have to stay up to dates if you want to succeed, becauseΒ  the people who like my stuff the most are between 25 and 38 or something like that, It’s on my charts when I check. And these people they go on social media, they do stuff, so If I’m not up to date I’m lost. And that’s so hard.. because people these days they buy followers, they buy likes, they buy this, that and when you try to do everything natural and the way it’s supposed to be it’s hard, and it takes so much time. And you know sometimes you see people with like two thousand followers or ten thousand followers, but you know they are bought, but you know people don’t recognize that and I’m like “Ahh I’m sitting here fighting for real followers and this lady she has ten thousand followers and she bought them and people are praising her, that’s so stupid.”Β  It bothers me, but yea, that’s the name of the game.

𝓑: What’s the hardest thing about your job?

𝓒: The hardest I think is the customers service. I mean… I don’t want to be nice all the time you know.. and understanding (laughs) and I know that’s crucial in my business and you know sometimes when I have bad day at home or with my husband or with my son or whatever, and I have to be nice with people sometimes I just want to … And some people also have bad days, they come to you and they just want to take everything out, and you just have to listen, because that’s your business and you don’t want to lose it and I think that’s the hardest part for me.

𝓑: You started your own YouTube channel, called Simona ZionΒ on January. Share us a little bit more, like how did you decide to start vlogging, what are your videos dedicated to etc..

𝓒: In 2017.. I keep saying that to everybody, but it’s true. On January 1st I woke up a f***ing different person. I stopped smoking, I stopped eating meat,Β  and one of the biggest fears of mine is cameras. I hate people taking photos of me, I hate when people make videos of me, it just terrifies me. It’s always been like this, so I decided to fight, cigarettes and meat, and I’m like “you know what, I am going to fight this fear too”. So that’s how I decided. And also I wanted to share with people all about crystals, because that’s what I love. And it’s combination of stuff that I like with something that scares me. It’s a proud-scared combo (laughs). I talk about jewelries and gem stones, because that’s what I work with. And also now I’m trying to implement a little bit of my life and trips and where I go to.. typical vlog (laughs).

𝓑: What’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you’ve made and why?

𝓒: I think my favorite, favorite is my “Eve” choker, It’s like a snake. When I’ve made I was so satisfied, because I have so many issues like OCD’s and It all has to be perfect. And this choker satisfies all my issues. When I made it, one of the parts that comes out of the snake’s mouth, actually looks like a snake’s tongue. And when I saw it I was like “Oh my god, Oh my godd” (laughing). It was so perfect in my eyes that I was like yess that’s my favorite.

𝓑: Who would you love to see wearing one of your pieces?

𝓒: (smiles) Oh my god… in a perfect world that would be Lady Diana. She’s my spirit animal, but unfortunately she passed away so.. I don’t know who.. I have to think about this one. I like a lot of people, but like a role, role model I have only one and that is Lady Diana. So can I keep that person? (laughs).


𝓑: What advice would you have for aspiring jewelry designers?

𝓒: I mean.. that sounds so cliche and so annoying, but just work and work and never give up. If you truly believe that this is what you want to do, and you love it, and it makes you HAPPY I think this is exactly what you should be doing. And I know people are sometimes like “Oh, but I have to make money” and all that stuff and I’m not saying that oh okay sleep on the streets and do what you want to do, but when you do what you love money are coming. Because when you work what you love you give your hundred percent. And when you give a hundred percent in something, people recognize that, and they always appreciate that. So it doesn’t matter if you do pictures on the street or whatever the hell if you give your hundred percent there is no chance people to see it and recognize it and want to buy it.

𝓑: What is your key to success?

𝓒: I think the biggest success that people can actually achieve in life is to stay happy. Because now when I go outside and see people a lot of them have a depression and don’t feel good, and I think real success is happiness. At least for me. If you’re happy you’re healthy. All comes after another

𝓑: What are your big dreams for Cassiopeia?

𝓒: You know I don’t have big dreams for Cassiopeia, because I like to take the “day by day” you know.. of course I want to be a huge company and I want everybody to love it and everything, but I’m trying to take everything day by day. Because if you try to dream and follow crazy huge goals at some point you get so overwhelmed like “okay I have to be huge, I have to be huge” .. so just do what you love take it easy, do the best that you can, because if you don’t do a hundred percent of yourself just don’t do it. That’s my advice to every single person, no matter what you do, what you started if you don’t give a hundred and ten percent of yourself just don’t do it.

I hope you’ve liked the interview. You can also listen to the interview on her YouTube Channel.

Here’s where you can find Cassiopeia:

Etsy: Simona Zion
YouTube: Simona Zion
Website: CassiopeiaJewelry.com
Instagram: cassiopeia.jewelry

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