Another Trip To Morikami

As you step inside the gardens full of bonsai trees and dragonflies you immediately start feeling the beauty and greatness of Japan’s nature. This is my second time visiting the beautiful Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens! 

As always every year by the end of April they celebrate the Hatsume Fair which means “Celebration of the first bud of spring“, so if you are an anime lover this is the best event you can participate on. Everybody dresses as an anime hero and by the end of the day there is a costume competition where they pick the best costume/cosplayer of the year.

Everybody loves gift shops and fridge magnets when it comes to a tourists destination! I’m going to be really honest here… I love buying stuff from gift shops okay?:D I’m not the first one to say that, but there’s an amazing, cute little gift shop on the entrance where you can buy mugs, books, t-shirts etc.

There is something special about the vibe of the gardens. So if you feel the need to “escape from reality” or you feel overwhelmed from work, school or you’re just trying to find a nice spot where you can work or draw, Morikami is a very quiet, peaceful and inspirational place to go.

Photos taken with: Huji Cam.

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