Favorite Books By Austin Kleon

This is great for you if you feel stuck with your “creativity”. It’s an inspirational book that tells you that creativity starts with you! Nothing is lost, you just need to shut your phone, go for a walk and take with you a notebook and a pen. Creativity is not about writing what you know, but what you like. You got to be open for meeting new people and learn from them. If you want to learn something new, stay close to people that know more than you do. Listen to your heroes, pay attention to their actions, what are their interests, what do they think and what they say or do about global problems. There are so many advices and tricks on how to stay more focused that makes this coffee table book so special! For me what I’ve learned from it is not to take myself too seriously, to make everything I do fun and enjoy the process. Page from “Steal Like An Artist”
“The second book is for people who don’t like the very idea of self-promotion. If Steal was about stealing influence from others, Show is about influencing others by letting them steal from you,” says Austin Kleon. His advice for you is to become a documentarian of what you do. To share your process of work before sharing your finished piece. I really liked one saying from the journalist David Carr in the book: “No one is going to give a damn about your résumé; they want to see what you have made with your own little fingers.” So what I’ve learned here is not to be afraid to share something from “behind the scenes” and to take risks. Page from “Show Your Work”
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